David Sengeh

David Sengeh 2.jpg

David was born and raised in Sierra Leone. He attended the UWC Red Cross Nordic in Norway before earning his Bachelors degree in Biomedical Engineering at Harvard College where his undergraduate work focused on making a stable, aerosolized BCG vaccine against Tuberculosis for delivery to the lower lungs. David is a currently a Ph.D candidate at the MIT Media Lab.

His work is at the intersection of medical imaging, material science, human anatomy, computer-aided design and manufacturing.

David is the President and co-founder of Global Minimum Inc. (GMin), an international NGO that has distributed over 15,000 mosquito nets in Sierra Leone. Currently, GMin’s main project is Innovate Salone, the first-ever competition created to foster innovation among high-school students in Sierra Leone. Innovate Salone is a mentorship program and set of workshops where Sierra Leone’s youth can get help in developing their ideas. He is interested in the idea of using technology and innovation to drive development in developing nations.